Services By Cryogenes - Canine Frozen Semen Transportation


Cryogenes uses only Internationally recognised Priority Freight Companies and Airlines to move frozen semen around the world, all shipment movements are tracked to avoid any unnecessary delays, freight company customer service staff alert us to any problems not seen on the tracking site.

For international movements of semen from overseas countries imported to Australia, there are complex entry requirements imposed by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Department Of Agriculture Biosecurity.

When the shipment lands in Australia, Cryogenes acts as your importer to ‘walk’ your consignment through customs and all Department Of Agriculture Biosecurity inspections, to ensure all goes smoothly. The semen when released, is then transported by Cryogenes staff to their storage tanks until it is transferred to your selected veterinary clinic.

Usually, our clients pay the overseas vet and local transport fees either directly through the collecting Veterinary surgeon or through the donor dog’s stud master.

In addition to veterinary fees for collection, freezing and blood testing, you will also incur fees for Government stamping of the export documents and depending on the ownership of the container, part of the freight fees to Australia.

Cryogenes canine frozen transport services will invoice you for the Import Permit, Customs and Quarantine fees plus the physical Quarantine Inspection on arrival and the return of the empty shipper to the exporting country.

Full payment of your invoice is required prior to shipping for exports and immediately after Quarantine clearance for imports.

Payment may be made by EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard.


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